Made by:

  • Nicolas Turlais

About the plugin:

This is a nice and simple Gallery Template which enables you to display one or several images staying on the same page. The choice is left to the user to group together a series of pictures as a link, or let them appear as thumbnails. The viewer may appears full-page or in a block.


  • either for noobs or veterans: Chocolat.js comes with an API and multiples CSS classes which make it very handy to use for advanced users, and very easy to use for noobs
  • crossbrowser: Chocolat.js works well with all major browser. It has been tested on IE7+, firefox, chrome, opera, safari
  • light: Chocolat.js is only 23 kb and reaches 10 kb once minified
  • responsive: Chocolat.js works on desktop, tablet & mobile, you can also define your own breakpoints
Download Demo Github Page

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