Made by:

  • Miro Mannino

About the plugin:

This is a nice and simple jQuery plugin that allows you to create a gallery with a justified grid.


  • don’t miss a pixel: an advanced algorithm to justify your images without cropping them
  • infinite scroll ready: ready to realize an infinite wall of images. Append the images to your gallery and only notify that to Justified Gallery
  • high quality: ready for any device and screen resolution. Up to six thumbnails to always guarantee the best quality of your images
  • dynamic gallery: filter, sort, randomize, add or remove the images. Do what you want with the gallery, even after it has been created
  • easy lightboxes integration: use existing lightboxes such as Colorbox or Swipebox
  • highly configurable: a lot of options to build the gallery you want
  • captions: fully configurable awesome captions to your images
  • responsiveness: the gallery resizes itself as the browser
  • fast by design: born to be fast, with a smart thumbnails load
  • silent error handling: manage the server errors skipping the temporarily unavailable images, and notifying that just only in the console
Download Demo Github Page

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