Made by:

  • Vincent Brouté

About the plugin:

This is a nice and awesome jQuery Map Plugin with Mapael, in which you can display a map of the world with clickable countries. You can also build simple dataviz by setting some parameters in order to automatically set a color depending on a value to each area of your map and display the associated legend. Moreover, you can plot cities on the map with circles, squares or images by their latitude and longitude.


  • based on jQuery and raphael.js. And optionally based on jQuery mousewheel for the zoom on mousewheel feature
  • interactive: set href, tooltip, add events and many more on the elements of your map
  • plottable cities Cities can be plotted on the map with circles, squares, images or SVG paths by their latitude and longitude
  • areas and plotted points colorization with legends: Mapael automatically sets attributes like color and size to each area and plotted point displayed on map and generates an interactive legend in order to build pretty dataviz
  • links between cities: you can draw links between the cities of the map. Easy to add new maps. Build your own maps based on SVG paths
  • SEO-friendly: an alternative content can be set for non-JS users and web crawlers
  • resizable: maps are easily resizable
  • zoom: zoom and panning abilities (also on mobile devices)
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