Made by:

  • Star Plugins

About the plugin:

Powerful, responsive, touch-enabled carousel for modern websites and devices, plus legacy browser support.


  • Rendering modes – Choose different ways of displaying your content, 2d/3d, ‘Cover Flow’, HTML slides etc
  • Touch-enabled – Quickly swipe through carousels on touch-enabled devices
  • Extra responsive – Not just size adjustment; rendering modes and effects are changed to suit the target device
  • Full HTML carousel items – Use full HTML content, Canvas, etc., not just images
  • Reflections and shadows – Add a sense of depth and realism to your carousels
  • Legacy browser support – Old browsers switch to rendering modes matched to their capabilities
  • Infinite or finite carousels – Allow users to loop forever or stop at each end
  • Callbacks and API calls – Allows developers to add their own behaviour
Demo Home Page

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