How to create a simple project in android and an AVD and how to execute it

Steps to create Android Application:

  • Click on File Menu
  • Select New and select Project
  • Click on Android
  • Select Android Application Project
  • Press Next
  • One window will appear inside that provide your project name which should start with uppercase
  • Press Next
  • Set launcher logo as an image, clip art or text
  • Press Next
  • Press Finish and your application will be created

Steps to create AVD or emulator:

  • Click on Window Menu
  • Choose Android Virtual Device manager
  • One window will appear click on New
  • After clicking on new another window will appear inside that give AVD name, set Device, set Target version of your Android, set memory option, set internal storage and SD card
  • Click on OK
  • Start your AVD

Steps to execute the project:

  • Click on the drop down of the Run icon
  • Select Run Configuration
  • Browse the project in android tab
  • Select the emulator in the target tab
  • Click Run

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