Made by:

  • Salvatore Peluso

About the plugin:

This is a nice and simple Photoshop-like jQuery color picker plugin with various skins and layouts, touch, and responsive.


  • Photoshop-like interface
  • Supports RGB, HSB, Hexadecimal, and HSL (partially)
  • Supports alpha channel (opacity)
  • 3 Variants: Standard, Small, and Extra Large
  • 4 Skins: 2 Main-skins: Light and Dark. 2 Sub-skins: Standard (with transparent background), and Full (with opaque background)
  • ​6 Layouts: 3 Main-layouts: Full, only RGB + Hexadecimal, only Hexadecimal. 2 Sub-layouts: with or without the Select button
  • Compact Layout: Makes the layouts more compact, to save space
  • Responsive
  • Supports Touch
  • Easy to implement and customize
Download Demo Github Page

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