Made by:

  • jbowyers

About the plugin:

This is an amazing and wonderful jQuery plugin for transforming HTML tables into charts using Google Charts.


  • Creation of all chart types using Google Charts – Visit
  • Extraction of data from HTML tables, Google spreadsheets, and JavaScript arrays
  • Accessible data – Using HTML tables as data sources makes data accessible to screen readers and searchbots
  • Generation of HTML tables from other data sources – Makes data extracted from JS arrays and Google Sheets accessible
  • Showing and hiding of HTML tables accessibly
  • Manipulation of data extracted from HTML tables and Google Sheets using JavaScript arrays
  • Transposition of data – swapping of rows and columns
  • Resizing of charts on screen resize – Responsive Web Design
  • Chart aspect ratio control
  • Art direction – Zoom and offset of chart – Useful for refining the region displayed in geoCharts
  • Customization of chart tooltips and annotations
  • Customization of all Google Chart options – Fonts, colors, chart formatting, etc.
  • Adding Google Chart event handlers – Event handlers can be defined in the options
Download Demo Github Page

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